The Employment Training Panel (“ETP”) provides funding to employers to assist in upgrading the skills of their workers through training that leads to good paying long-term jobs. Established in 1982, the ETP is the state’s premier program supporting job creation and retention, through training. The ETP has served over 80,000 California companies and issued over $1.2 billion in training funds. The ETP Program is funded by employers through a special payroll tax and differs from other workforce development organizations whose emphasis is on pre-employment training. Under the ETP Program businesses determine their own training needs, develop action plans, and are involved in all aspects of the training


The core ETP program funds training for employers that are subject to the Unemployment Insurance Tax and have a California Employer Account Number (CEAN) with a prefix of 699 or lower. Employers should also be
for-profit, face out-of-state competition, and have a turnover rate of less than 20%. Current priority industries for the Panel include; manufacturing, biotech/life science, IT services, media/entertainment, goods movement and transportation logistics, agriculture, healthcare, construction, and green technologies. These priority industries receive preferential treatment during the application process and greater funding rates. Employers not within these industries are not precluded from participating in the program.


The benefits of the ETP Program can range from a reimbursement rate of $15 – $26 per training hour ($8/hr. for computer based training), per employee. Single employer agreements (businesses with over 100 employees in California) allow for up to 200 reimbursable training hours per employee and total funding of up to $750,000. Small business agreements (for employers with fewer than 100 employees) allow for as many as 60 reimbursable training hours per employee and can receive funding of up to $50,000 per ETP agreement.


ROMO will submit all necessary applications, manage the project through the life of the contract, and provide audit support which includes, but is not limited to, the following functions:

• Developing the ETP training proposal which includes; request for eligibility, negotiation of funding amounts, submission of agreements, arranging and attending all site visits, development and submission of all required documentation, addressing any agreement revisions with ETP staff, and attendance of Panel review meeting, if necessary.
• Provide contract administration support as required by the ETP agreement including; set-up, maintenance, and review of all daily training forms, employer data set-up within ETP software, reporting of all training activities and roster modifications, and all accounting functions.
• Provide a dedicated Account Manager who will maintain constant contact with the ETP staff to ensure compliance as well as provide information and any project support as requested by the employer.
• Additionally ROMO provides audit services at no cost to the employer.

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